scale_x_vars  [type={CUSTOM [weight=<coefficients by which variables of the selected fields  \
    will be multiplied; defaults to 1.0>]  \
    | AUTO [field_list=<comma/hyphen separated list | ALL; defaults to ALL>]  \
    | BUW; defaults to CUSTOM}]


The scale_x_vars keyword is used to scale X variables by a certain extent. The following scaling paradigms are available through the type parameter:


#the following command performs Block Unscaled Weighting on all variables currently loaded in Open3DGRID
scale_x_vars  type=BUW

# the following command scales variables of field 2 by a 0.85 factor
scale_x_vars  type=CUSTOM  weight=0.85  field_list=2

# the following command autoscales variables of field 1
scale_x_vars  type=AUTO  field_list=1


  1. Kastenholz, M. A.; Pastor, M.; Cruciani, G.; Haaksma, E. E. J.; Fox, T. J. Med. Chem. 2000, 43, 3033-3044.   DOI

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