source  file=<input script to be sourced>


The source keyword is used to call an input script both from the command line when Open3DGRID is operating in interactive mode and from a script which is being currently sourced. When a child script is sourced, the command counter displayed in the text output after the COMMAND keyword is reset, while the prefix is incremented by one:

Open3DGRID> source file=./stream1.inp
BGN COMMAND #00.0001 - SOURCE tool was invoked as follows:
> source file=child_script.inp

BGN COMMAND #01.0001 - IMPORT GRIDKONT tool was invoked as follows:
> import type=gridkont file=grid.kont

Number of fields: 2
Number of objects: 56


END COMMAND #01.0011 - PLS tool succeeded.

END COMMAND #00.0001 - SOURCE tool succeeded.


# the following command sources the child_script.inp script
source file=child_script.inp

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