transform  type={X [field_list=<comma/hyphen separated list | ALL; defaults to ALL>]  \
    | Y [y_var_list=<comma/hyphen separated list | ALL; defaults to ALL>]}  \
    operation={{MUL | DIV | SUM | SUB value=<value>}  \
    | OPP | ABS | POW exponent=<exponent>  \
    | LOG10 | LN | LOG_BASE_N base=<base>}


The transform keyword allows performing mathematical operations on blocks of either X or Y variables, according to field_list and y_var_list parameters. In particular, these operations can be carried out:


# the following command multiplies X values in fields number 2, 3 by the coefficient 23.06035
transform type=X field_list=2,3 operation=MUL value=23.06035

# the following commands convert all Y variables in their negative base-10 logarithm
transform type=Y operation=LOG10
transform type=Y operation=OPP

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