Solaris x86

Building PyMOL under Solaris requires installing the GNU tools (on the Solaris Companion CD) as well as an up-to-date Python version, Tcl, Tk, zlib, libpng, freetype.
Then, download the latest freeglut library, build and install it as follows:

$ ./configure --include=/usr/include --libdir=/usr/lib --prefix=/dev/null
$ make
# make install

Finally, download the latest GLEW library, open config/Makefile.solaris and add -lc to LDFLAGS.GL. To build and install GLEW, issue the following commands:

$ make
# make install

Once you have satisfied these dependencies, you will probably need to edit some paths to header files in the build script present in the pymol source directory; look for the line

else: # linux or other unix

which is followed by something like:


You will probably need to change /usr/include/freetype2 to /usr/local/include/freetype2.

Once you are done, cd in the pymol directory and issue the following commands:

$ python build
# python install
# python install

If the build process succeeds, you will obtain a pymol executable in your current working directory.

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